Our Wishlist

Items we’re looking for

Being land rich and cash poor, we’re always looking for donations and even items for barter and trade that will help us get our operations up and running on the farm:

  • 3 bay sink
  • ball jars
  • pallets
  • fabric
  • fencing
  • milk crates
  • milking equipment
  • cattle panels
  • doors
  • livestock waterers
  • livestock feeders
  • wool blankets
  • 55 gallon metal or food-grade barrels
  • water heater


We realize that there are some items that we’ll have to buy, like a 42 gallon conical fermenter.

But you never know who has what laying around in a basement or up in an attic that could have a new life on a progressive farm start-up, right?

Have something you’d like to donate, even if it’s not on our list?

Let Us Know, Thanks!