Latest Updates

Building and Beyond…

April of 2024 marks our 10th year as stewards of this 80 acre fertile ground [...]

Fire and Flow

Despite the perception that Kimmy and I are extraordinarily busy I think we are beginning [...]

Help us build a Pavilion on the Farm

…with Kiva! With our first loan from Kiva we were able to build a large [...]

Welcome to Trigo

What is “Trigo?” It’s a new location we’re in the middle of opening in Westport. [...]

Springing into Wheat

As people with a devout passion for all things local and organic, we’ve been so [...]

Easter & Ēostre Beckons…

I’ve always been drawn to Nature. I was born in the Bronx and after several [...]

Things Are Coming Together

What a week it’s been. We finally recuperated from our family party, had a rocking [...]

Season of Abundance

Hello again, if you, like us, are wondering when will the humidity end, I believe [...]