Farmer Dan on the Rise Up Podcast

Rise Up Podcast
So during the Summer, Dan was featured on the Rise Up Podcast. Recently we started listening to this new podcast while we’re baking in the Breadery called the Rise Up! Podcast with Mark Dyck. It’s episodes hit close to home because rather than talk about recipes and baking techniques, Mark speaks to bakers to get at their origin stories and discuss all the challenges and potentials that exist for an entrepreneur and starting a small business. Dan was an instant subscriber/follower/listener/commenter to the podcast and Mark hit Dan up to see if he would like to be featured on the podcast, which he did in this 60 minute talk.    

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Mark has many other episodes to check out that feature all kinds of bakery businesses, members of the Bread Bakers Guild, and his mentors and teachers. Mark’s laid back and informal style allows the conversation to go where it “kneads” to and what you get is an organic, wholesome discussion with creative individuals in the breads and pastries realm. For anyone interested in baking for their community, these episodes provide a “behind-the-scenes” look into how folks tuned their bread-headed passions into bakeries and cafes. Enjoy!  

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