Springing into Wheat

Stone Ground Organic Flour

As people with a devout passion for all things local and organic, we’ve been so fortunate to find local farmers in our region growing amazing wheat for us to mill here at the farm. For our part, rejuvenating a human-scale local grain economy has been quite successful, and you’re a big part of that success. […]

Easter & Ēostre Beckons…

Brioche Di Pasqua

I’ve always been drawn to Nature. I was born in the Bronx and after several years my parents moved North to Lake Carmel, NY where a tiny half acre of woods became a secret and magical playground. This affinity for the natural world steeped my curiosity around pre-Christian and Indigenous religions whose traditions were inextricably […]

Things Are Coming Together

What a week it’s been. We finally recuperated from our family party, had a rocking farmers market and made a ton of headway in another round of our favorite (never-ending) game of “clean out the barn.” We cleaned out the downstairs a few years back with the help of two travelling UK volunteers and this […]

Happy Lammas Day!


Welcome August and Happy Lammas Day. First off, you may be asking: “what is lammas day?” Well as someone who was never fully immersed nor indoctrinated into any modern day religious traditions by my parents, I naturally felt drawn to nature and our celestial beings, the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. (3’s the magic […]