Bread Oven Rising


While mortar sets and concrete cures, this is a time of anticipation and delight for a project that has been in the works for a long time now. There is a bread oven rising here right before our eyes at Triple Green Jade Farm. With the support of friends, family, our community and even Kiva […]

Bread Oven, Zoning and Farming

Sometimes it’s better to beg for forgiveness, than ask for permission. I love that saying and I have been thinking about it recently. We ran into a small snag with our town zoning board, not with building necessarily but the issue was with selling a few loaves of bread direct out of our proposed farm […]

Food from the Farm: Our First Event

Food from the Farm in Plattsburgh, NY kicked off our first event as a new farm business. Lots of free focaccia and a bit of self-promotion. While our wood-fired bread oven is not yet built, we were able to bake some delicious loaves using a professional Hobart convection oven at the Hub on the Hill […]

Wood-Fired Bread Oven Coming This Summer


Coming this Summer to our small organic farm (if the stars align and permits get approved) will be un boulangerie, una panadería, un forno! If you don’t know what those crazy romance language words mean, then judging by the title of this post you’ve most likely guessed that we’re planning to build a wood-fired bread oven. […]

The Promise of Pasture


“Culvert by culvert and ditch by ditch. We’re going to make this pasture rich With cover crop planting and livestock grazing Turning all into fertile ground.” I’m convinced that the goodness in this world grows from the goodness in the Earth and nothing quite embodies this like good green grass. When we first bought our […]