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Happy Lammas Day!


Welcome August and Happy Lammas Day. First off, you may be asking: “what is lammas day?” Well as someone who was never fully immersed nor indoctrinated into any modern day religious traditions by my parents, I naturally felt drawn to nature and our celestial beings, the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. (3’s the magic […]

“Dacks Dishes: Local Whole Grain Goodness


Learn all about the re-emergence of a human-scale local grain economy right here in the Adirondacks. Special thanks to the Adirondack Experience, the museum on Blue Mountain Lake, and the Albany Public Library for sponsoring this event. View the recorded webinar below:

We’re all in this together


Our connection to local area farms has taken on a new dimension recently. While we feel the pandemic has brought us much closer to our amazing patrons in our weekly connections, we’ve also grown closer to our fellow farmers and food producers. We’ve all been through a lot and so have our fellow vendors. It […]