Baking Break, Extended

Hello friends, family and fellow bread-heads…

We hope you are doing well, staying safe and feeling healthy.

While we hoped to be back baking in May, regretfully it’s just not working out that way and our baking break needs to be extended.

Several of our projects are taking longer than expected due to COVID-19. Some items are still back-ordered and businesses we planned to work with were deemed non-essential, so we’ve had to seek out alternatives.

Our stone mill has also experienced delays as well – all of which is totally understandable given the circumstances we all find ourselves in.

So our plan is to take the month of May, carry on the best we can and make our grand return to farmers markets starting May 30th in Saranac Lake & May 31st in Keene Valley. We’ll also be returning to wholesale deliveries to our friend’s stores starting on June 4th.

Kimmy and I are doing well and have actually enjoyed “staying home” on the farm.

This pause has given us the gift of time to work on farm projects but also to listen to the silence of nature, to take walks in the pastures, to observe and pet the cows, to inhale the spring, to meditate, and to reflect on what is truly important: this farm, the land, the animals and people like you who make it all worthwhile.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Be well and we will see you again soon – we promise!

Dan & Kimmy

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