Bread Baking Break

Bread Bannetons

A New Year has finally arrived.

Our hope in 2021 is that all of you will be able to find a little more bliss and light in your lives this time around the Sun.

And right now, we “knead” a little break.

Post-Holiday Blues

It feels like the Holiday season went by awfully quick this year.

Now that the dust has settled after the rush of the holidays, I think we’ve also come down with a case of the “post-season blues.”

Like families everywhere, we were not able to break bread with many of our friends and family as we’ve done every year since we were married.

Even when we lived abroad in Norway, we made time to fly home for the holidays to see the dads, moms, aunts, uncles and cousins in a mad festive dash between Christmas and New Years.

This year was so very different.

We’re lucky to have so many relatives living within a 3-4 hour radius of the farm, but rather than sharing hugs and red wine, like for many of you, it’s been phone calls and video chats instead as lifelines to those we care deeply for.

Keeping up with local demand

2020 was for us a successful year. Usually by Fall the farmers markets end and things slow down, but that was not the case this year. Many of our Winter markets have been just as productive as a Summer market.

We are incredibly thankful for this, but as we forged ahead to keep up with local demand, burn out was creeping in as well.

Now that we’ve had this holiday break, we’ve had some time to reassess the situation and think about how we can be more efficient in working smarter going forward.

Projects & Renovations

Ever the optimist, I envisioned this year’s holiday break as an opportune time to squeeze in a few farm projects and renovations we were far too busy to explore prior.

Some I did start and unfortunately they became larger and more complicated than I estimated.

After that kerfuffle, my “analysis / paralysis” kicked in and it was tough to stay motivated.

Despite mental pep talks I gave myself, to muster more resolve and dig deep – I realized a recharge and some mindful relaxation was sorely needed.

Mental judo aside, the main imbroglio is that a small Breadery renovation unfortunately turned into a larger one. I’m not a good estimator of time when it comes to construction tasks apparently…?

The worry is that if we don’t make time for this now, we won’t be able to get to it once the Spring/Summer season gets underway.

Therefore we decided our baking break needs to be extended and unfortunately we won’t be attending any farmers markets or having on-farm pickup until February.

Plus, a little self-care is on the menu as well.

We thank you so much for understanding.

2021 marks the beginning of our 5th year in this entrepreneurial endeavor.

We have to continually remind ourselves how far we have come in bringing this old, derelict farm back to life and we’re so grateful for all the lovely people we get to share this dream (and good food) with.

We will miss your smiling eyes, but we’ll see you soon too!

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