Breadery Update

Help Us Get Fired Up

“Where’s the bread?”

“I want bread!”

Well, the wood-fired bread oven is nearly complete but hasn’t been fired up just yet.

Unfortunately a monkey wrench was thrown into the works and we were temporarily thrown off track.

Luckily, we’re back on the roller coaster and busy working it all out.


Staying Positive

Despite not baking yet, we are staying positive.

Sometimes despite our best intentions, now matter how hard we try, our plans are not in our hands.

We are however very grateful with how far we’ve been able to come with the hard work and support of our friends and family.

We’re confident that by the end of this year, we will have begun to bake bread, even if on a limited scale.



More work to be done

There’s more to be done in the Breadery now that the warm weather season has gotten away from us.

It was always our plan to start baking and selling bread and use those funds to finish buttoning up the Breadery.

The bright star is that we’re still focused on making this happen.

It’s just taken longer than we had at first expected.



Button Up!

It’s hard to proof dough when it’s 30 degrees outside!

So obviously we have a lot of insulation to put up and pine boards for walls to keep the heat in.

My friend Adam gave me a good idea to close in the space in front of the garage doors before actually removing them.

This way we can get the outside closed in and remove the garage door hardware as we can without a huge hole to deal with.



Cooking Up a Kitchen

To the untrained eye, this might not look like much, but through my rose-colored glasses, this is our kitchen area.

An area for the drainage pipes had been set aside when we poured the cement floor here.

This back wall on the left fits our 3-bay sink and the opposite wall will have a small water closet.



Roll Out the Welcome Mat

This is our customer entrance door for the farm store.

Not very inviting we know.

The plan is to have steps leading up to a small deck.

We also plan to have a small covered area on the deck for local event flyers, brochures, Champlain Area Trail maps, etc…

If we add some flower pots and planters, it will be all the more inviting.



Beams beaming

I feel better about our progress in the building every time I spy these old beams.

We’ve sanded some down to brighten them up and reveal their natural wooden beauty.

We have a few more timbers to expose before we’re done.

The rustic look suits this old timber framed building well.



Eager to Get Baking!

We’ve had to muster up a lot of patience during this process and I know that many of you are anxious as well.

So much can happen in the start-up phase of a new business and it seems like we are no different in our stops and starts.

We do have “good bread” intentions on the way and it will be completely delicious when it arrives.



So excuse us now to get back to work.

We hope to see you all very soon.



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