Help us build a Pavilion on the Farm

…with Kiva!

With our first loan from Kiva we were able to build a large wood-fired oven to bake artisan breads and crackers using organic wheat.

With our second loan from Kiva we purchased a 26″ stone mill from New American Stone Mills in Vermont which allowed us to source local and organic wheat from area farms and mill this into whole grain flour for our breads and other products.

We owe much of our success to Kiva in helping our business not only get off the ground, but keep going to meet the needs of our customers and community. All of that gracious support has been fully repaid and we are on to our third project that builds upon the previous two.

Hosting events, workshops and dinners has been a great way to bring transparency to what we do on the farm and also provide much needed education in bringing people closer to their food, whether it’s learning a new skill or tasting fresh ingredients from a local farm.

We are currently holding these events in our Breadery, which has limited space, as this houses our wood-fired bread oven, a commercial kitchen, a 3-bay sink and benches to prepare our doughs, etc…

So over the past few years, we’ve known that more room would be most beneficial if we’re going to continue offering these types of activities in a safe and comfortable setting. With the growing success of our on-farm events, workshops and classes, we find we need a larger space to accommodate these activities and this in turn would help us increase our outreach to more families, students, and school field trips.

This loan will help us buy the materials to build a pavilion on the farm. We’ve already prepared the site and poured the foundation.

A loan of $15,000 helps a small farm and bakery expand educational outreach and bring more of the community to the table.


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