Easter & Ēostre Beckons…

Brioche Di Pasqua

I’ve always been drawn to Nature.

I was born in the Bronx and after several years my parents moved North to Lake Carmel, NY where a tiny half acre of woods became a secret and magical playground.

This affinity for the natural world steeped my curiosity around pre-Christian and Indigenous religions whose traditions were inextricably linked to the seasons, the sky and the Earth.

The path I follow now is also tied to the seasons, the Sun and the weather.

Much like language, traditions change over the decades and centuries.

Take for example the origin of Hot Cross Buns:

“A part of the pagan celebrations of Ēostre, buns marked with a cross would be baked across Europe to celebrate the springtime goddess. The symbolism of the cross on the bun was said to represent the four seasons as well as the four primary phases of the moon.” [source link] Sky UK History

Fascinating, right?

I did not know this until recently about Hot Cross Buns.

And just so you know, here at Triple Green Jade Farm, we love all religions, taken in moderation of course.

So if you pray to the Son of God or to the Sun God (or Goddess) – it’s all true metaphorically-speaking, as Joseph Campbell said.

Lastly, if you’re away for Spring Break, we wish you a wonderful time and safe travels!

Easter Holiday MENU

Four Spots to Pick Up

The stars have aligned!

We’ve never had this many locations in one day to serve you all and it feels really good I have to admit.

Despite the mud, people away on Spring Break, and most restaurants closed down until May — we’re excited!

We hope you are too.

Along with our Easter specials, we’ll have:

  • Sunflower Spelt
  • Whole Grain Rye (perfect with leftover ham and a nice mustard!)
  • Rustic Sourdough
  • Focaccia
  • and Chicken Bone Broth is back in stock! (LOL, get it?)

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