Enjoying Summer


Despite the fact that our little vacation ended on a sour note (the Dead concert in Saratoga was cancelled) we did have a really nice break.

It was spent with family on our way to Saratoga. Kimmy got to float in a pool and I played with bees and took some lessons in smoking meats from my Uncle.

I find the bees very interesting but the wood smoker really got me thinking. I love BBQ but there is something about a low and slow 250F cook on an item that you took the time to rub with spices or marinade in a brine.

As you can imagine, the end result is amazing and deliciously satisfying, but the prep work, and the hours spent around the coals with a beer and maybe even a cigar is also a major part of the experience.

To me, experiences like this define “Summer.” That childhood summer feeling the moment school gets out and all your cares vanish away into a few months of hot, hazy bliss where time seems to standstill.

As we get older and maybe a little wiser in running our lifestyle business, we realize we have to reclaim (every now and again) that youthful spirit and make efforts to avoid burning out. More on that next week…


Pasture-Raised Chickens are in!

Our first batch of chickens were harvested last Friday and we brought a few to last week’s market. They went fast! They are raised on grass and fed only 100% organic certified feed and spring water.

This is our 3rd year raising chickens and it’s working out to be a good operation for the farm. The chickens, along with our cows, provide so much needed fertility to the soils as they are moved around the pastures.

Our soils have never been tilled up, so after just a few seasons of rotational grazing, the grasses, clovers and other native species are coming back in greater numbers and thriving.

whole grain rye bread

Pining for Rye?

We received a few requests for Rye Bread and will be adding that to the menu this week.

Did you know our organic rye berries come from Cedar Hollow Farm in Altona?

And they’re growing more wheat for us this season too!

Other items on the menu this week:

  • Herbs De Provence
  • Brioche Buns
  • Barley Fig Walnut Brandy Cookies
  • Sourdough Bialys
  • Whole Grain Garganelli Pasta
  • Freshly Milled Flours

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