Farm Giveaway – May 2018

Our year of farm giveaways continues… and for this month we have something just in time for the growing season – Seeds! Seeds and the many possibilities they bring have been on our mind all winter. Now that the sun is shining and the fields are greening up, our attention turns to soil temperature with readied hands eager to sow.  

Why seeds for the farm giveaway?

Sunflowers First off, when we got our farm it was mostly brush and trouble. Over the years, we have cut hay and incrementally improved the pastures. For other areas of the farm, areas not suitable for crops or veggies, we have tried to plant wildflower patches to provide visual interest for us and good food sources for our birds, butterflies, beneficial insects and bees.  

Adirondack Pollinator Project

Secondly, we are big fans of the ADK Pollinator Project from ADK Action. They are striving to help communities in the Adirondacks be better stewards of our landscapes to encourage healthy bees populations.
Pollinators help produce approximately 1/3 of the food we eat. In New York State alone, bees and other pollinators provide some $350 million in pollination services each year.
As you can see, the benefits bees and other wild pollinators provide in our food systems are crucial for local agriculture to continue to thrive. We can’t so it alone – nor should we. There should be wildflowers and sunflowers on every strip on unused land as far as I’m concerned. So do your part to help the bees and wild pollinators thrive in our communities. And if you’d like to get a hefty package of bee feed mix from Johnny’s Seeds, you can enter below:

Bee Feed Mix from Johnny’s Seeds

1/4 ounce package ($15.00 value) [link] Enter today! a Rafflecopter giveaway  

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