Farmers Market Season 2021


It’s been a busy and productive 2021 thus far.

We’ve had a wonderful time here in the Breadery baking up new whole grain recipes and we cherish the time to have been able to try new things with all of you at the Keene Bread Club, the Saranac Lake Farmers Park-It and here with on-farm pickup.

“Bringing an old farm back to life with good bread.”

That’s been our motto since we started 5 years ago and although it’s sometimes hard to believe, we have been bringing this old farm back to life with dairy cows, hens, broiler chickens, lush pasture and other fun projects!

The flip side of that equation means we unfortunately have less time to either be on the road or at farmers markets.

Could we hire staff and do more markets? We go round and round on this question all the time and right now it seems to be a tough issue to solve. Managing and training staff takes time, taxes and resources.

Plus, despite our farm progress, this old farm is still quite the money pit. A good portion of our profits after all the bills are paid, still go back into the farm for things like infrastructure improvements and maintenance on the barn, which still needs plenty of TLC.

Maybe we’re just destined to be a “Mom & Pop” shop the way our grandparents & great-grandparents did it. After all, we’re just re-living their immigrant dreams and frankly that is a noble thing in and of itself.

The Summer market season is soon upon us and we will be doing only one farmers market this year.

While we will miss our friends and farmily at the Keene Farmers Market, we will be making deliveries of our goods to the Craigardan Farm Store and the Valley Grocery.


Saranac Lake Farmers Market

The Saranac Lake Farmers Market starts this Saturday, 5/29 and we’re really looking forward to it.

We’ve got a new van to fill and we plan on bringing lots of the good stuff every week.

Many of the new items that we’ve been able to try during the Winter/Spring markets will be on the menu during the season.

Things like:

  • North Country Quiche
  • Sourdough Pizza Dough (most likely frozen for better cooler storage during the hot weather)
  • More Whole Grain Cookies
  • New varieties of Freshly Milled Flour like Rye and Spelt
  • Toasted Muesli
  • And a full rotating list of new breads like Cranberry/Almond, Sesame Semolina, and more faves

Pre-ordering Will Be Available

While we won’t have everything we are bringing to the farmers market listed online – we will have many staples (or “favorites”) up in the farm store for pre-order.

We’ve heard from several folks that they would like this option to continue and we’re happy to offer it!

All we ask is that orders for the weekend market are in by Thursday 6:00PM. This helps us prepare our sourdough starters and our baking schedule.

On Farm Pickup Still Available too!

So if Saranac Lake is too far and not an option for you, we will still have on-farm pickup as an option all season long.

Who knows, we may even have an actual farm store if we can muster it into our hectic schedule.

Thank you again for all your support this year and we look forward to seeing you this season!

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