Food from the Farm: Our First Event

Food from the Farm in Plattsburgh, NY kicked off our first event as a new farm business.

Lots of free focaccia and a bit of self-promotion.

While our wood-fired bread oven is not yet built, we were able to bake some delicious loaves using a professional Hobart convection oven at the Hub on the Hill in Essex.

As the Willsboro Library Jam Band played old-timey songs and bluegrass standards, upwards of 600 people from around the North Country got to taste winter veggies, sip wine and enjoy the harvest in it’s fermented and preserved form.

We didn’t have time to film any video, but to get a sense of the event, here’s a video from Mountain Lake PBS from recapping the 2015 event.


Breaking Bread

We had such a great time and really enjoyed the turn out at Food From the Farm.

We made a bunch of new friends and we loved “breaking bread” with so many folks.

About 250 of our rack and business cards we gone by the time the event ended.

Being new to the scene, we just felt so welcomed by everyone who stopped by to chat and sample bread.



Great Feedback

The feedback we received was fantastic.

We were a bit nervous at first because you never really know how your presence and product will be received.

One woman claimed to us “this is the best bread I’ve ever tasted!”

Many people asked us the next logical question: “Where can I buy your bread?

As we move closer to farmer’s market season, we will be gearing up to bake at the Hub on the Hill commercial kitchen to do our best to meet demand.

Farmer’s Markets we are thinking of attending:
– Plattsburgh / Saturdays
– Elizabethtown / Fridays
– Willsboro / Thursdays
– Keeseville / Tuesdays
– Keene Valley / Sundays

We’ve also made contact with a few area businesses that are interested in carrying our wares.

Our hope is to have our bread oven completed by July 2016.

This will allow us to ramp up the amount of loaves we can bake in a single firing, while also baking high-quality, traditional, hearth-baked artisanal breads.

And we can’t wait!


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