Grateful for Pastured Poultry Success

freshly harvested chicken

We’re feeling very grateful here at Triple Green Jade Farm.

Our initial trial with a pastured poultry operation here on the farm has gone better than expected.

We’ve noticed a definite improvement in “greening up” our pastures with the added boost of nitrogen fertilizer that chickens moved daily on grass provided.

Customer Appreciation

We’re thankful to everyone who tried out our meat birds this season and supported this effort.

Whether at farmers markets or picking up on farm, we were impressed by the feedback and reviews we received.

Keeping up with the demand was tough as most weeks we were selling out of everything we could harvest.

just-harvested whole chickens

Plans to Expand on Pastured Poultry

This season we raised, harvested and sold about 150 meat birds.

Under NYS Ag & Markets regs, we’re actually allowed to process on-farm up to 1000 broilers per season.

So there is ample room for growth!

This is an operation we will surely plan to expand upon in 2021.

Whole Chickens will again be available starting next May/June.

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