Happy Lammas Day!


Welcome August and Happy Lammas Day.

First off, you may be asking: “what is lammas day?

Well as someone who was never fully immersed nor indoctrinated into any modern day religious traditions by my parents, I naturally felt drawn to nature and our celestial beings, the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. (3’s the magic number after all).

I’m no practicing pagan, but in my studies found that their markings of the “wheel of the year” with seasonal appreciations & celebrations made sense and even to this day, I find it instructive in this agrarian livelihood in preparing work for the season ahead.

Lammas Day is a celebration of the first grain harvest of the season. Wheat farmers in our region are especially hopeful that their hard work, the weather and some good luck will come together to yield bushels and bushels of happy wheat.

We’re hoping that this year’s harvest of wheat from Cedar Hollow Farm in Altona goes well too.

Send them a little Lammas Day energy!

New Happenings

It’s seems like not much happens in the thick of Summer, and then all of a sudden a flurry of activity fills the month.

We got a popup camper recently. Perfect for friends and family to visit, and also super important for our cousin Mark, who has been working with us for the past few weeks as swell digs to slumber in.

We’ve got a private party scheduled for 8/13 which may mean a somewhat limited menu the week prior.

And a reminder that we will NOT be baking for the 8/20 farmers market or on-farm pickup because we are hosting a family reunion that weekend!

Lastly, we had a great time with AARCH (Adirondack Architectural Heritage) during their visit and lunch last week. We had some long time customers make their first time visit and also met many new faces as well.

Thank You

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