Help Us Get Fired Up!

Help Us Get Fired Up

Help Us Fire Up A Wood-Fired Bread Oven!

As many of you know, we have made great progress on our wood-fired bread oven.

We got the majority of it completed last year and then BANG – the busy farmer’s market hit and we soared successfully into a full-fledged business – very much in part because of folks like yourself!

With funds realized from a successful first season, our hope was to complete the bread oven, specifically to purchase and install a new chimney.

Like most new start-up businesses in their first year, the majority of our gains went to capital and renovations in the Breadery.

So unfortunately the chimney is still missing and we lack the funds prior to the summer farmer’s markets season to get it done.

A Local Kickstarter Emerges To Save The Day

Recently, the Adirondack North Country Association (ANCA) has kicked off their own local crowdfunding platform called IGNITE ADK.

Ignite ADK

It’s designed to help small, local businesses and farms like ours to get the funds needed to do exactly what we’re looking to do with our wood-fired bread oven.

For our chimney, we have factored $1,500 for the double wall stainless steel chimney, supports, pass-throughs and related materials. Plus we have factored about $1,500 in labor and incidental costs.

The Chimney Plan: A $3,000 Goal

Unlike grants and loans, this platform offers perks or “rewards” for all backers of our project.

So in this case – you get organic breads and krakkers, just like you would at the farmer’s market!

On our page, we are offering “rewards” to everyone who backs our project in a range of amounts from $5 for a TGJ Farm Sticker up to $500 for a Wood-Fired Pizza Party for 4-6 people in the Fall.

Think of this project as a community supported breadery!

This would be like pre-buying breads and krakkers to help us reach our goal prior to Summer.

Want To Help Us Get Fired Up?

Here’s how: 

Visit our page on IGNITE ADK and claim a reward. It’s that easy.

We’ll make sure you get your reward as soon as the project is funded and we have the chimney installed.

Our project ends April 8th, 2018 so we need to reach our goal by then.

Help Us Get Fired Up!

While most folks will be local, we will ship bread frozen and krakkers to you.

At any time, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Kindly spread the word to friends & family who might enjoy our breads & krakkers?

We are immensely appreciative for all of your support!

Thank You

Dan & Kimmy

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