Looking for volunteers this Summer and Fall


Kimmy and I have had several awesome experiences as guests traveling abroad and working on farms in exchange for room and board.

We made chevre in Brittany (that’s the photo you see above) and tended Icelandic sheep in Copenhagen.

We used organizations like WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms) and we had good success connecting with farms and folks on WorkAway.info.

Now it’s our turn to be the hosts!

Now that we have our own little “broke-down” farm, we are going to open up our home and hearth to willing volunteers and workers who want to come help us bring an old farm back to life starting this Summer.

You can view our profile on WorkAway: http://bit.ly/WorkAway-Farm – Feel free to share this link!

We’ve already had a few people contact us. We have a permit to build two small seasonal cabins and we’ll have those ready in time for our volunteers arrival. 

Stays are arranged upon contacting us, but could be for a few days to a few weeks for the right people.

Morning milking of the goats
Morning milking of the goats in Pleyben

Weekend Work Parties

Inspired by this idea from Full and By Farm, we’re going to also host some work party weekends.

That way anyone can just stop by on a Saturday or Sunday and spend a few hours or whatever they can spare to help us out with a project or two.

We’ll provide a tasty lunch and cold drinks to anyone who lends a hand.

If we get a whole bunch of folks attending then maybe we can split up into groups and possibly get a lot accomplished.

Kimmy and the flock
Kimmy with the herd in Pleyben, France

Eco-Cabin Building Workshop

Since we need to create accommodations for our volunteers and friends, one of the projects we’ll have in May will be an eco-cabin building workshop.

I kicked around the idea with a few folks already and it seems that the desire is there for a workshop like this.

I’m not an expert on eco-building, but it’s been a big part of my life.

I’ve taken courses in cordwood masonry and timber framing with Rob Roy up at Earthwood Building School. Plus I built a pretty slick chicken coop a few years ago.

I’ll have more details posted here soon!

Come lend a hand!

If you’re interested in attending any of the above or learning more, join our mailing list.


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