Podcasts We Enjoy in the Breadery


While mixing dough and baking bread in the Breadery, the podcast as a medium for audio enjoyment, is a most suitable companion.

It allows us to keep our hands busy with kneading and shaping while allowing our minds to wander into deep thoughts on food, farming and fun.

There are SO many good podcasts and stories out there. It’s amazing how the platform for shows has grown across networks.

Here are some of our favorites to listen to while baking your bread and bagging up crackers!

Rise Up Podcast

Rise Up!

http://riseuppod.com/ – The baker podcast with Mark Dyck:

“Neighbourhood bakers play a hugely positive role in their communities. One that goes far beyond basic nourishment. Their stories deserve to be heard.

The Rise Up! Podcast is a celebration of bakers, the bakeries they create and the people they serve.

Join Mark Dyck as he talks with bakers and bakery owners from across North America and around the world. Hear about their struggles and triumphs and learn about the satisfaction that feeding a community can provide.”



Farmerama Radio is an award-winning monthly podcast sharing the voices of smaller-scale farmers in the UK and beyond.

“Farmerama is committed to positive ecological futures for the earth and its people, and we believe that the farmers of the world will determine this. By giving producers a voice, we want to rejuvenate the respect, confidence and vibrancy of smaller-scale farmers and rural communities.”

Farmerama is currently producing episodes focusing on wheat and rebuilding local grain economies in their series called “Cereal.” As we look to take a deeper dive into growing and milling our own wheat into flour one day, this perspective form the UK is quite informative.

Cutting the Curd
Cutting the Curd

Cutting the Curd

Based out of two recycled shipping containers behind Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Heritage Radio Network has a number of food and farm shows we enjoy (like the Farm Report). This past year we’ve been trying to satiate our turophile desires and Cutting the Curd has wedged a place in our hearts. Could it be because there may be cheese-making in our micro-dairy future? Perhaps…

Whether it’s industry news and events, talking about award winning cheeses, or speaking to small farms, farmstead creameries and the cheesemongers who showcase them, Cutting the Curd is a great resource for all things cheese.

Farm Small Farm Smart with Diego Footer

Farm Small Farm Smart

The Farm Podcast with Diego Footer of Permaculture Voices is one of the longest running farm podcasts in the world.

“In each podcast episode, Diego talks with a farmer diving deep into their story to find out what makes their market farm successful. You’ll learn about guest’s farming challenges and struggles and well as specific tips and techniques for sales and marketing, soil preparation, weed management, post-harvest processing, appropriate technology, farm startup, market selection, and work-life balance.”

The details offered in this series are incredibly useful for new and aspiring farmers to get a grasp on the economical, ecological and even emotional issues one can expect to face when pursuing farming as a viable occupation.

Car Talk

Car Talk

Lastly, there’s Car Talk. Nothing to do with farming or baking, but everything to do with just feeling good and laughing. The show is a “Best Of” series that reruns old episodes because it is no longer active but it is a funny show. In case you don’t know, their show is two Italian-American MIT graduate brothers from Cambridge, MA provide auto advice to folks who phone-in with a light-hearted comedic tone. It’s as if the Marx Brothers were to help troubleshoot your car’s problems.

Boston accents aside, Tom & Ray’s sense of humor is near and dear to my heart. It reminds me when I was young, with family around the table after a grand dinner, dessert was always the show. The adults would tell funny stories and jokes along with ample cups of espresso and sambuca.

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