Season of Abundance


Hello again, if you, like us, are wondering when will the humidity end, I believe that relief is in site.

While we revel in the dry heats of places like Malaga and Crete, it is the humidity that is so crushing and draining while working near a hot oven in the Breadery that we have not enjoyed.

Breads race to overproof, the crackers loose their crispness, the chickens lay less eggs and the broilers don’t gain much weight in the intense heat that we are all dealing with.

Despite complaining about the abundance of heat & humidity, there are many good things and activities to talk about this season.

Our friend’s farms are bursting with tomatoes and cucumbers and we need to get canning and pickling while we they’re fresh.

August and September is truly a season of abundance, and we have an abundance of happenings at the farm.

New Digs?

Work is progressing on two fronts: a parking lot and a pavilion.

We’re happy to report that gone will be the days of visitors to the farm getting stuck in our muddy, clay soil for events.

Our new parking lot will be finished soon and allow us to host some larger workshops and dinners at the farm.

In addition to the lot, foundation and site prep work is happening on a new pavilion.

The total pavilion will be a 24 x 72 building. We’ll be doing it in phases as one section (24×40) will be an open pole barn style building for YOU to enjoy, picnic in and dine in under a covered structure.

The other section is a 24×32 section on a slab for us that will allow us some more room for kitchen prep and include a walk-in cooler.

Simple menus for the next few weeks

With all the activities and work around the farm, we’re keeping our menu simple for these next few weeks.

And again, a reminder that we will NOT be at the 8/20 farmers market or on-farm pickup because we are hosting a family reunion that weekend!

Once the dust settles a bit more, we’ll be bringing back more whole grain pastas, quiche and other goodies.

Thank You

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