Things Are Coming Together

What a week it’s been.

We finally recuperated from our family party, had a rocking farmers market and made a ton of headway in another round of our favorite (never-ending) game of “clean out the barn.”

We cleaned out the downstairs a few years back with the help of two travelling UK volunteers and this time around we are lucky to have some friends of the farmily pitching in.

Barn Clean Out

Old hay and dried up goat manure and other assorted bits accumulated from prior owners using the upstairs barn as an indoor livestock area.

It’s been an ongoing task to remove the often foot deep worth of litter and bedding to get back down to bare wood floors.

Having a few friends over really makes the task much easier and we are so grateful for their help!

Thank you Taylor & Amanda!

Pavilion Plans

Our foundation is prepped and primed for a slab pour, and then begins the process of curating timbers and decking for what we hope to be a sweet focal point on the farm.

We truly want our guests and visitors to be able to enjoy each others company and “break bread” together in a larger setting than what we can currently accommodate in the Breadery.

This will also be an important structure in regards to future agritourism events and workshops at the farm.

And we’ve already been approached by businesses and organizations wishing to use the facility for member meetings / gatherings – which is exactly what we’d like to offer next year.

The pavilion roof is situated such that it will be able to generate electricity with solar panels and we’re also investigating the possibility of using an earth roof on the north slope.

So structural load calculations are essential. Large heavy timbers will be the way to go and provide that Adirondack character we want.

Agritourism… so much to learn!

Our menu is somewhat limited because we’re heading to Burlington VT for the International Workshop on Agritourism this week and will be back Friday afternoon.

We’re hoping to learn a lot more about the ways we can enhance our events and farm to dinner experiences here at the farm as well as promote our farm being on the Boquet Valley Cuisine Trail.

With such a busy Summer this season, we haven’t had the chance to schedule many events as of yet.

Our hope is to definitely get some events scheduled for the Fall and Winter.

Thank You

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