We “Heart” You

A Heart shape made from wheat berries

We “Heart” You!

Everyday it seems like there is something new and chaotic to digest. So first off, know that we “heart” you and know that you are sincerely appreciated in this hectic world we find ourselves in.  

If you need a break, go within, go inside yourself. Breathe. Meditate. Listen.

Be sure to consciously fill your life with some calm, peace and good vibes.

Baking a Break

We’re taking this advice and we’re taking a break from baking for the entire month of April (1-30).

We had planned months ago (last year actually) to take April off to do light construction in the Breadery in preparation for our Stone Mill delivery in May and also to work on getting our micro-dairy operational in preparation for our cows calving in late Summer. 

If over the next 2 weeks of March you need anything, especially in the form of good breads and crackers, please let us know

Take Stock in these Markets:

Even though we’ll be out of baking action for all of April, we will be stocking up our friend’s stores in anticipation of our absence.

Be sure to visit them during this time:

  • North Country Food Co-op, Plattsburgh
  • Keeseville Pharmacy
  • Green Goddess Natural Market, Lake Placid
  • Clover Mead Cafe, Keeseville
  • The Hub on the Hill, Essex
  • Mountain Weavers Farm Store, Port Henry
  • DaCy Meadows Farm & DaCy Delivers! – Westport 
  • Village Meat Market, Willsboro 

A drive-through market with curbside pickup!

Coming in May: Farm to Loaf.

This too is why we “heart” you. Thank you so much. When we reopen in May there’s gonna be some serious milling going on!

I honestly think the breads and crackers will be better, more aromas, fresher flavors, and more commitment to local.

You did this and we cannot thank you enough! 

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