Danish Dough Whisk & Bench Scraper

Pictured above is our trusty dough whisk & bench scraper.

We’ve chosen these essential tools for the home baker as this month’s farm giveaway.

The dough whisk doesn’t get that much use in our Breadery these days but the bench scraper is always within reach on our butcher block table.

It’s my favorite tool for dividing up dough and picking up pre-shaped rounds of dough to receive their final shape before being deposited in a banneton.

At the end of the bake day, the bench scraper does just that – it easily scraps up all the flour and dried bits of dough for a clean wood countertop.

The dough whisk is however quite handy when combining your flour and water into a dough.

You can keep your hands clean as you stir and it does a better job of mixing dough than a spoon or spatula.

Of course, your tools will be brand new!

Enter Breadtopia

The Danish Dough Whisk is coming from Breadtopia.

They have an extensive shop for amateur and professional bakers alike whose goal is to make baking perfect bread at home available to everyone.

Check out their extensive tutorials and recipes for inspiration.

I visit their blog from time to time as there is a ton of good information on their website.

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