Farm Giveaway – April 2018

Large Bird House

Last year we had so much scrap wood around the farm, mostly from building projects and left-over pieces from building our tiny house.

Our tiny house going up in the Fall of 2016.

All the scraps made it super enjoyable for Dan to make up some rustic birdhouses.

He had a lot of fun making them.


Folks liked them a lot.

His inventory got snapped up and they all went to good homes rather quickly.


Spring has arrived

While temperatures have been on the colder side, this hasn’t stopped the bluebirds and red wing blackbirds from arriving on time at our farm.

Having nesting areas around your homestead helps with springtime mating season.

So we thought it was time to make a few more birdhouses.

And that is also our latest farm giveaway for April.

Someone will get a rustic bespoke birdhouse by our very own Farmer Dan.


Handmade Birdhouse Giveaway

handmade birdhouse

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!


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