Champlain Area Trails

Visit our trail on the Boquet River

We are the stewards of this 80 acre farm and we’re fortunate to be gainfully employed in return for sharing it’s bounty with the rest of our community. 

Our motivation for partnering with Champlain Area Trails was: “we share the lands bounty, so why not also share the land’s pastoral beauty itself with our community.”

A Walking Meditation with Nature

Our trail is less of a hike and more of a meditative way to explore our connections to nature. As you go farther on the trail, you go deeper into the woods, away from the noise of cars on the road and soon overcome by the rushing creek and the songs of birds. There you can relax, find a calm spot to sit or think, and just breathe and enjoy the Boquet River.

Our trail is a 1.2 mi loop and is an easy walk. The trailhead is on Mountain View Drive 1.5 mi southwest of Rt. 22. in Willsboro. The trail goes through a field to scenic creek which follows down to the Boquet River. The trail then goes along 1000′ of river frontage before returning via our pastures to the trailhead. You can also do the trail in reverse for new views. 

Explore Bird Sightings

The Facebook post here shows a small handful of the fun sightings you may enjoy during your hike. Derek Rogers, the CATS Trail’s Director of Development, has put together a recent, complete list of birds seen at the Riverside Trail. You can check out these sightings at the eBird Hotspot.

Visit other Champlain Area Trails

“Champlain Area Trails (CATS) creates and maintains hiking and cross-country ski trails in New York’s Champlain Valley that link communities, connect people with nature, and promote economic vitality. In its short history, CATS has developed over 40 miles of trails. CATS’ goal is to extend its trails throughout the Champlain Valley and connect them to trails in the Adirondack Mountains, Vermont, and Quebec giving residents and visitors the opportunity to “Hike the Lake.”