Simple Ingredients

Freshly milled local, organic flour, spring water, wild yeast and sea salt is the simple foundation of all our breads.

Slow Fermentation

Our breads are crafted by hand using traditional methods for optimal development and the best possible flavor.

Local and Sustainable

We are committed to sourcing seasonal ingredients from local farms and businesses whenever available.


The Breadery

What started as a small home business in a converted garage has grown into a place where delicious and nutritious breads and crackers are baked known as “The Breadery.”

Farmer’s Markets

Active in farmer’s markets throughout Essex County and in select area stores and restaurants, we’ve been fortunate to develop a loyal following of “bread heads” devoted to quality organic loaves of fresh baked breads and crackers.

Where To Find Us

Our handmade breads and gourmet crackers are available in area restaurants and food co-ops.