What does “Triple Green Jade Farm” mean?

To start off, “Triple Green Jade” is the name of a dish you might find at a Chinese restaurant. I always thought it would have been a cool name for a band. Alas, that never happened. Actually it has a lot to do with an affinity for the number 3. After all, “Three IS the Magic Number.

The Simplicity of 3

I am intrigued by the idea of three and of thirds. So easy to remember and quick commit to, at least in my mind.

As I searched for meaning in my own life, I became aware of how many things across cultures and religions are based on the number 3.

So many things in life are thought of in terms of 3’s:

  • Past – Present – Future
  • Mind – Body – Spirit
  • Earth – Water – Sky
  • Creation – Preservation – Destruction
  • The French Trinity: Le vin, le pain, et le fromage (wine, bread, cheese)
  • The Belgian version: Ale, charcuterie and cheese
  • Pan, Tierra, Libertad (bread, land, freedom)

The Triskele

When volunteer farming (WWOOFing) in Bretagne, France, an area with Celtic and pre-Celtic roots, I came across the triskelion (or triskele).

The triskele is an ancient symbol dating back to a least 4400 BC in Malta. It has been found throughout human history in many cultures and religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and Greek Mythology.

As our logo, we’ve chosen a version of a triskele (triple spiral) that I modified to represent our farm and mindset.

The triskele or triskelion represents perpetual motion and progress.

The inward spirals depict the journey for deeper knowledge and understanding.

That is what Triple Green Jade Farm hopes to ascribe to.

We are a farm continuously evolving. Our journey is for deeper understanding of what we can facilitate with flora, fauna and soil.

We wish to better understand the artisan lifestyle we’ve created here as way of life and as a way of benefiting community.

So from innocuous contemplation about a dish of bok choy, broccoli, snow peas, this comes to have a deeper value and meaning as the name and mission of our farm.